Phone Call Tips

Helpful Reminders for Phone Recruitment:

  • Be sure to sound friendly and fun! You can hear a smile through the phone, so make sure you’re smiling the whole time!
  • Try not to take no for an answer – everyone can get something out of USY if they just give it a shot.
  • Keeping the above in mind, if someone really isn’t interested, don’t force them – say thank you and try again some other time.
  • Be sure to mention the awesome friends you make in USY!!!
  • Know when your next event is – you shouldn’t have to take time on the phone call looking up that information.
  • If they’re hesitant about making friends at a program, remind them that they already have one friend because you’ll be there!
  • If things still aren’t going well, try getting to know the person a little bit, and then tell them that no matter what they’re interested in, they find something for themselves in USY.
  • Sure, this is about getting members, but remember that you’re talking to a real person with feelings and hobbies too! Tap into that!