Clubs & Honor Societies


613 Mitzvah Corps

A Group With a Goal of Helping the World…

The 613 Mitzvah Corps is an honor society that informs you about, and give you ideas in the areas of Tikun Olam (Repairing the World or USY’s Charity Fund), G’milut Hassidim (acts of kindness), and Social Action. Joining 613 is the best way to keep up with everything that’s happening in terms of SA/TO. Through 613 Mitzvah Corps, you will have to opportunity to engage in social action programs and help make a difference in the world. To sign up, all you have to do donate $6.13 to the Tikun Olam Fund!


A club all about Israel…

What is the Chalutzim Club?

The Chalutzim Club is USY’s Israel engagement club. Chalutzim is for those who wish to be a part of a community of passionate Israel lovers who want to engage in more meaningful conversations than what is already offered in their chapters and region.


What does Chalutzim mean? Why?

haChalutzim is a Hebrew word that translates to, “the pioneers,” referring to the people that pioneered the creation of the Israeli State. All of us are pioneers in our own communities by being the change we wish to see around us. Likewise, we are pioneers when we speak about what we can do to secure Israel a future of safety, prosperity, and peace.


How do you become a member of Chalutzim?

You can join Chalutzim by signing into your local regpack account (that you use to sign up for regional events) and in the additional/optional items section, select “Chalutzim.” Sign up is free!

Heschel Honor Society

A Club all about Torah, Avodah, and Gemilut Hasadim…

The Abraham Joshua Heschel Society is a group of teenagers who are the core of USY. USYers in the Heschel Society receive the Heschel newsletter, Bo’er Ba’esh, a special bronze pin only given to Heschel members, and Heschel members also get to participate in special activities open only to Heschel members.

To become a member, a USYer must show and active involvement in these three aspects of Jewish life: two hours of supervised Jewish study per week, congregational prayer at least four times a month, three of which should be on Shabbat, and once a month, a community service project. For information please see your chapter or regional Religion/Education Vice President.

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