What is USY?

Founded in Minneapolis in 1950, USY is USCJ’s youth movement. It was established for one simple reason: to create a youth group for Conservative Jewish children that incorporated Jewish education with a social environment.

Since its birth over 60 years ago, USY has been going strong. It has grown from a small group in Minnesota into an International group containing over 400 chapters across the United States and Canada. In addition to the North American program, a sister organization called NOAM (Noar Mesorti) has been established in Israel and Europe.

The aim of USY is to bring together Judaism, the kehillah, the synagogue, and the Jewish teenager. As a result of this combination, the hope is that Jewish teenagers will grow to become active young adults in their Jewish communities.

How old do I have to be to join USY?

Any Jewish teenager in grades 9 thru 12 can be a member of USY.

Why would I want to join USY?

USY has something to offer for everybody!

On the chapter level, there are parties, social events, special programs, and trips. You can meet new people your age and make the best friends of your high school years. Click here to find a chapter near you!

Our region, Hagalil, also runs programs througout the year. There are dances, conventions, educational dinners, and so much more! Many members say that the highlight of their year is at the annual summer Encampment. During this program, members spend a week filled with friends, fun, and ruach, at the B’nai B’rith Perlman Camp in the beautiful Starlight, Pennsylvania.

Internationally, USY has an annual week-long convention in one of America’s greatest cities, including, Washington DC, Philadelphia, San Jose, Boston, New York City, Chicago and Orlando! You can also participate in our amazing summer programs, including USY on Wheels, Pilgrimage, or DREAM USY: An Adventure in the Dominican Republic!