USY Membership Dance

December 13, 2014, 8:00 pm - 11:30 pm

MembershipDanceColorHave a relaxed night hanging out in your pajamas with Hagalil! Come to Hagalil’s Membership Dance wearing your favorite pajamas for dancing, fun times with friends, and much more!

Pajamas must fit in the USY Dress Code:
Clothing on which any profanity or inappropriate language, pictures or symbols are written, printed or depicted is not permitted.
No visible underwear is permitted for both males and females.
Inappropriately short skirts or shorts, or tight garments, are not permitted; shoulders and stomach must be covered for both males and females
Tank tops, 2-piece bathing suits (except where midriff is covered), bare midriff styles, halter-tops, leggings, or see-through blouses are not permitted.

USYers must have a chaperone at the event and may not drive themselves to the dance.