Hagalil Region, USY

Religion/Education VP

Shalom Hagalil!  


My name is Gabriel Aaron Pont and I’m beyond excited to be serving as your Religion/Education VP for the 2015-2016 year!  I live in Marlboro and am a proud member of the MUSY Chapter.  We’re a’moosin!  (Something you should know about me; I love puns!)  Outside of my moosetastic (see?) life in Marlboro USY, I attend Colts Neck High School.  There, I am a member of the Naval JROTC program.


I love indie music (hit me up with any new bands!), deli lunches, shabbas naps, long walks on the beach, and slow ruach.  Childish Gambino, House of Cards, Breaking Bad, Spikeball (spikeball.com – check it out!!), and a good nosh round out the rest of my favorite things.


Since my seventh grade Encampment, I have been infatuated (SAT word!) with Hagalil USY.  Hagalil has been the home of my best friends and best memories.  I cannot wait to make countless more Hagalicious memories this year!


In the words of Kim Possible, “Call me, beep me, if you wanna reach me!”  I’m always available!  Shoot me a text or an email (or carrier pigeon if that’s what you’re into) if you ever need help with something or just need someone to listen to your venting.  I’m here for you, Hagalil!


Let’s make this year more ruach filled than ever before!



Gabe Pont