Religion/Education VP


HEY HEY HAGALIL!! My name is Andrew Goldwasser and I delightedly ecstatic to serve as your 2013-2014 Hagalil Religion/Education Vide President! Starting with where I’m from: I was born in New Brunswick and spent my early years in Edison and Aberdeen New Jersey and then moved to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. While I moved around a lot as a youngster, I now reside in a quaint, little town, called Marlboro. I live with two very strange people whom I call mom and dad as well as my brother Ryan who is also in USY and my sister Amanda. I will soon by a senior attending Biotechnology High School which means yes, I am a science nerd, but one who’s not afraid to show it!!

Hagalil USY has been an integral piece of the puzzle that is me since I was born because I attended my first convention when I was one year old with my staffing parents. In that time since, I can honestly say that I have met my best friends in USY, making more all the time. If you would like to apply for a friendship with me (all you need to do is introduce yourself), you can easily find me across the room by looking for my dazzling Israeli watermelon kippah which I strut on my head with style (at least I think so). Truthfully, my favorite fruit is not watermelon, but mango and the title of “my favorite food” goes to any jalapeno potato chips…don’t ask. Some other things that people may not know are: my fave color is green, I always carry around Tide-to-Go and raspberry lemonade blast chapstick, and if I’m at home, I am probably watching the Big Bang Theory or the final season of How I Met Your Mother.

With USY I have traveled near and far because last summer, I journeyed across the States with my USY on Wheels community, or Kehila if you will, Bus C 2012 and will soon venture to the promise land on USY Eastern Europe/Israel Pilgrimage 2013! Before my regional election, I was Aberdeen USY’s Religion/Education VP and Chapter President this past year.

HAGALIL! Get ready for the            most fantastic, fantabulous, and fantizzletastic year of your USY career!! Please don’t hesitate to oovoo or skype call me, chat me up on facebook, email me on…email, tweet me on oh wait I don’t have one of those yet…I think you get the picture. My phone is on and on me 24/6 so I’m always available to text or call but due to my lack of a smart phone I cannot face time just yet. I can’t wait to start the rollercoaster crazy year we are about to embark on together.

Yours truly,

Andrew J. Goldwasser