Hagalil Region, USY

Israel Awareness VP

Hi Hagalil!

My name is Hayley Michelle Nagelberg and I am so excited to be serving as your 2014-2015 Regional Executive Committees/Israel Awareness Vice President. I live in East Brunswick and am part of the North/South Brunswick Chapter based at B’nai Tikvah.  I go to the Golda Och Academy in West Orange, which is almost an hour away from my house.  Because of this I have learned to do a lot of working and sleeping in the car, and I can often be found daydreaming out of a window.

Hagalil has been part of my life since before I was born (my parents met through USY).  Both of my brothers were also very involved in Hagalil, so it was understood I would join.  However, USY has become the place where I am not just “the third Nagelberg”, rather I am my own person.

Hayley Board Bio PhotoSome of my favorite things are dogs, anything Disney, and brownies (well, really all food).  I love winter and the cold, and really love pointless jokes.  I also love Gossip Girl, One Tree Hill, and The Big Bang Theory.  I enjoy running and don’t do well sitting still for too long.

Feel free to text me, email me, Facebook me, IM me, or any other form of communication you can think of.  I can’t wait to get to know each and every one of you!

Hagalil, this year is going to be awesome!