Israel Awareness VP


Hey Hagalil,

My name is Rebecca and I’m lucky to be serving as your 2013-2014 Executive Committees/ Israel Awareness Vice President. You may be wondering exactly what life is like as the board member with the longest name. Actually, it’s really exhausting to remember all those words. I dedicate my passion for Israel to my AMAZING chapter Metuchen USY (holler) and my US History 2 class. The contrast of views on the Jewish State between teenagers is remarkable. I learned that everyone should have an educated opinion on what is going on in Israel and everyone can be passionate. I hope to help you find that passion like the one I have developed in USY. Aside from Israel, my obsessions include Trouble, Oreos (double stuffed is always implied), Hawaiian Punch, Big Time Rush (Hold the judgment), and babies (aren’t they adorable?) My biggest fear is seagulls so I won’t be taking long walks on the beach any time soon. I’m also very fond of summer programs. (Wheels Classic Bus A 2012 waddup!). I’m always here to chat about Israel, Summer Programs, USY, or Zac Efrons eyes.

Let’s make it a killer year!

Rebecca Joy Glinn