Hagalil Region, USY

Communications VP

Communications VP

Good Morning Hagalil!


My name is Zachary Patrick MonteLeon (Zack for short) and I am your 2015-2016 Communications VP! I’m from Staten Island, New York. Yes. That’s unfortunately not New Jersey. Long story. Anywho, I’m excited for an awesome year and I hope to get the opportunity to get closer with everyone!

I’m a multi instrumental musician. I play all forms of the guitar and percussion, as well as the piano. I’m the lower brass section leader (I play the tuba) in the ironically named S.I.T. Marching Band at my school. In general I’m a performer. I act and sing as well as write my own music. One thing I cannot do is dance. I am awful at the dancing thing. Awful.

I’m a big sports fan, especially when it comes to any form racing or motorsports. As an athlete, I never stuck to any consistent sport over the years, but I have played many.  I’m also a big fan of Cartoon Network shows such as Adventure Time and Regular Show. Some of my other TV/Movie favorites include, Doctor Who, Star Trek (the original series), and Star Wars

I’m a graduate of the CBJ SI Hebrew School, and am an active member in the congregation. My past 14 summers have been spent at the locally acclaimed Staten Island JCC camp, and on Bus A 2015!

I’m an experienced USYer, attending all of my chapter’s events since it reopened as a Hagalil chapter (formerly METNY) in 2010. I’ve attended the 2012 Kadima Spring Convention, and every regional event since Encampment 2014. Last year I was on the Regional General Board as a host on the Hagalil Newsroom and as the Shacharit Live Chair. Internationally, I’ve been to IC Atlanta, and I had the summer of my life traveling the country on USY on Wheels Classic Bus A 2015!

Feel free to contact me in any way shape of form you feel and we’ll be friends! I can’t wait for another awesome year! Stay classy Hagalil!


~Zachary Patrick “The Jedi Ninja” MonteLeon