Hagalil Region, USY

Israel Awareness VP


I am Maya E. Wasserman and I am hella excited to be your 2017-2018 Israel Affairs and Executive Committees Vice President. I am originally from Park Ridge Illinois about half an hour outside of chicago. When I was growing up there were always USY friends of my father’s coming in and out of the house. This was what I always wanted, but I never truly knew what USY really were i also didn’t really understand what hagalil was because all of my dad’s friends were from chusy. In the beginning of freshman year I went to Hagalil Encampment. That showed me what Hagalil was really like, during slow ruach on the basketball courts I felt this sensation that came from around two hundred teenagers singing songs about g-d and Israel.

I am fortunate enough to have visited Israel three times and will visit it for a fourth time on USY Israel Pilgrimage this summer. On the very first day of my first trip when I was only ten years old, we visited Atlit with my great grandmother who had visited this detention camp when she first came to Israel after the Holocaust. This emotional and moving day gave me a very personal connection to the history and passion for our Holy Land.  Ever since, I have had an immense personal dedication to Israel and the people who live there. This is why I am honored to serve you guys. I love the story of Israel and I love how unique it’s culture and community is.

Not every single USYer has this immense and strong personal passion for Israel. Everyone should get the chance to develop a similar love, but we can’t just show people how to love Israel we have to give them the tools to do so. I will do this by providing people with the tools and facts they need to formulate their own opinion about Israel and its policies, create a stronger connection with Israel in USY and in the rest of people’s Jewish lives and help people be able to see Israel without going to Israel. Both of my great grandmothers, who live in Israel, would love what I have done with my passion and pride for Israel.

Always know my “door” is always open you can call me on my cell 201-921-3521 or email me at hagalilisrael@gmail.com.



Maya E. Wasserman

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