Hagalil Region, USY

Communications VP

Communications VP

My name is Sarah Katz and I am beyond honored and so enthusiastic to serve as your next Communications Vice President 2017-2018! I knew I was part of something special the first time I set foot in Starlight Pennsylvania for Encampment 2013 and Hagalil has been my home ever since then. We have such an amazing COMMunity here in Hagalil and I am excited to show the world all the amazing things going on in our region. Be sure to check the Hagalil social media accounts for fun challenges, chapter shoutouts, and much more.

I am part of the incredible region HOBUSY, from Hoboken New Jersey. Being in HOBUSY is where my love for Communications blossomed as I got the chance to help run the HOBUSY instagram account. I am so proud to say that @hobusyy is now Hagalil’s best social media account! I go to Elizabeth Irwin high school in New York City so there is a ton of fun trendy food around like poke bowls and rolled ice cream. The best trendy food is the sushi burrito because sushi is my all time favorite food. Besides sushi and of course Hagalil I also love baking, seeing my friends, watching Criminal Minds and Law and Order SVU, and ceramics. So if you ever need a list of the trendiest foods, want to discuss all things Hagalil or just want to chat I am available 24/6. You can text, call, facebook message or even snapchat me, I would love to hear from you!

I hope you have a COMMpleteley amazing day!

-Sarah Katz 🙂