Hagalil Region, USY

Communications VP

Communications VP

My name is Hannah Korbman and I am beyond honored and so enthusiastic to serve as your next Communications Vice President 2018-2019! My #USYMoment was at LTI and from that day forward I knew I had joined such an amazing family! We have such an amazing COMMunity here in Hagalil and I am excited to show the world all the amazing things going on in our region. Be sure to check the Hagalil social media accounts for fun challenges, chapter shoutouts, and much more.

I am part of the incredible region EWUSY, from East Windsor, New Jersey. Being in East Windsor is where my love for Communications blossomed as I got the chance to help start up the East Winsdor newsletter! USY has helped me develop my love for doing community service and being the best person I can truly be! You can find me dancing and singing anywhere all while telling you, “Hey! Smile for Yearbook!”. I am so excited to take a leadership role in this amazing youth group I know as my family! If you have any questions or just want someone to talk to, I am always available to talk!!

I hope you have a COMMpleteley amazing day!

-Hannah Korbman