Hagalil Region, USY

Membership Information

Kadima on the Regional and National levels, is open to 6th- 8th graders (according to public/private school grade- not Hebrew school grade).

Below are the regional policies regarding membership as set forth by the Regional Youth Commission:

  1. Kadimaniks must be Jewish (Namely, be born of a Jewish mother, or converted according to Halacha (Jewish Law.)
  2. Kadimaniks may join only the chapter sponsored by the congregation to which their parents belong, with the following exception:
    • Kadimaniks may join the chapter of their choice if the synagogue to which their parents belong does not sponsor a Kadima chapter.
    • They may join a chapter other than the one sponsored by the synagogue to which their parents are members with the approval of the Youth Commission of both congregations.
    • No Kadimaniks may belong to more than one chapter.